About us

De Lochemse Berg…

… a hotel that feels like a Bed and Breakfast…

A home away from home.  

Welcome to our hotel, which is located in the gorgeous woods. In our unique and rustic hotel, which has recently been renovated, you will find old, restored details in combination with modern and en vogue elements. While simultaneously, giving you a warm and welcoming feeling.

There are many entertainment possibilities inside and outside of our hotel. Pick a wine bottle out of the wine room and seat yourself on our big Linteloo couch, or choose one of our lazy chairs located next to the fireplace.

Due to the large windows in the hotel, you will always have access to the wonderful view of the surrounding woods.

When the weather allows you to, you can also take a seat on our sunny terrace, and the birds will delight you with a show of their own.

… Smell the forest and relax… You are at home.

Of course, you are always welcome to come in and enjoy a cup of coffee, which can be served with a homemade cookie or a piece of cake.

We also serve dinner, which you are able to enjoy, even if you are not a hotel guest.

About us

Hotel de Lochemse Berg is located right at the bottom of the Lochemse Berg, about 4 kilometers away from the old city of Lochem. This residence was been built by Mr. de Haan. After de Haan, ladies Roeling lived there, who were followed by vicar Heersing. After the second World War, the family Nijhuis reconstructed the residence as a hotel. The family Elhich made use of the hotel for 52 years, up until October 2014. This is when Peter Gertenbach and Caroline van der Vlies fell in love with the history and look of the hotel. They believed  this was the ultimate spot to make their dreams come alive: a hotel, which doesn’t feel like a hotel, but more like a welcoming Bed and Breakfast. A place where everyone feels warmly welcomed, and able to enjoy the various gorgeous aspects that this hotel and its location has to offer.

In order to establish the place where Peter and Caroline dreamt of, they had a lot of work ahead of them..

And… the results are very impressive. The hotel is completely designed to feel like a home: art fills the room and cosy areas are created for you to sit down and enjoy with another, a glass of wine, a book or the nature surrounding you. Every room in the hotel is unique with its own design and looks.

Peter, Caroline and their team will do their best to make sure that you feel right at home. A home away from home.. You are always welcome!

We are open from Wednesday up to and including Sunday.

On Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday you are more than welcome to join our dinner, however we would like to ask that you make a reservation, to make sure we have space available and that we can meet your expectations.

On Sundays, between 13 and 18, you can sit down and revel in a fulfilling Italian meal. Again, making a reservation is much appreciated!

For more information about the cuisine, please take a look under the subheading: restaurant.


We also offer various arrangements, which are all listed under the subheading arrangements,  such as:
15% off on your hotel room for the second night.
“Lazy days” : a hotel room for two nights, including breakfast and dinner.


Contact details

Hotel de Lochemse Berg

Lochemseweg 42

72411 RS Barchem




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