Lochem and its surroundings

Lochem and its surroundings

Lochem is, an authentic and small city, ideally placed in the rich nature of the Lochemse Berg, the Enk, the Paasberg and Het Grote Veld, giving you many possibilities for (long) walks. 

If walking isn’t really your thing, we also have some bike routes available for you. Riding a horse is also possible if you want to spice things up a bit! If you want to take it a bit slower, you can also have boat trip with the Berkelzomp or rent a canoe and explore the nature of Lochem and its surroundings cities. Or, visit the golf course of Lochem, which is one of the most gorgeous golf courses in the Netherlands.

The availability of many terraces and interesting stores makes Lochem loved by both its citizens and tourists. In the surrounding cities of Lochem, you will find different museums, like Keramiek in Zutphen and More in Ruurlo and Gorssel. The castles of Ampsen, Diepenheim and Ruurlo are also great places to visit.  A trip to one of the Hanseatic cities Zutphen and Deventer is also highly recommended by all of us.

If you drive up to our hotel in Barchem, you will most likely pass Deventer via the A1. Take the exit off the A1 and take a look around this wonderful city. Park your car in the Boreel garage, this will allow you to walk straight into the nice part of Deventer. The streets you will walk through into the center are known from the Dickens festival, which is organized every year. There are also a lot of small antique shops that can be found in these streets. In the Walstraat you will find “The Wallstreet Tea-Rose” which is a fun place to have lunch or enjoy a nice, warm cup of tea. If you continue walking, you will pass lots of nice stores, don’t be afraid to take a turn into one of the smaller streets of Deventer. You will be surprised by the variety of stores available.
At the end of the the trip you can walk up to the IJssel and take the ferry across the water and visit the IJssel hotel. Here you have a wonderful view of the river and city.

Smaller than Deventer, but closer by Barchem (15 km) is the city of Zutphen. Zutphen stands out due to its old city center. It is wonderful to just wander the streets and look at the old buildings. Go take a look at Horta, it is one of the most gorgeous flower shops. The wine shop, Neleman, is also worth taking a look at, here they sell only their own wines. Schaapveld, another wine shop, is also worth a visit. Across Schaapveld, you will find the Pelikaan, where you can buy or drink a nice cup of tea or coffee. The Earl Grey is very delicious!

This city has gained a lot of popularity and a wonderful ambiance since the arrival of museum More. If you are planning to go there, we recommend you to drive through Laren and Harfsen, which takes you about 30 minutes. If you have the time, please visit museum More. There, you will mostly find modern realists art works, by artists such as Charly Toorop and Pyke Koch. Swits (vintage clothing) and Cosy Country Store are located in the same street as More and are also nice to take a look at.

The second More museum is located in the castle of Ruurlo, where you find lots of work by Willink (the dresses of Mathilde) in a gorgeously restored castle.


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