The cuisine of Peter

After having worked with (big) teams in my previous restaurants Tollius and Perron 4/5, I have decided to cook completely on my own at Hotel de Lochemse Berg for you. The dishes I serve are beautifully defined, made with pure ingredients, in which special flavours and combinations stand central. Food which makes me a happy man, that I want to share with you.

Everyday, I serve 5 dishes, out of which you can choose the second and main course. If you have any room left, you can complement the dinner with a selection of (Dutch) cheeses or a dessert.


As I am a cooking alone, there are a couple of things to pay attention to. The amount of people I can take care of, are limited. To make sure everything goes well, we will ask you to seat yourself at your table between 19 and 20. Also, I like to take into account any dietary preferences, however I have to know (a minimum of 24 hours) beforehand.

Sundays are an exception. You are free to sit down between 13 and 18 (at your own table) and you are able to enjoy a large lunch or early dinner. On Sundays the Italian menu is preset and you will therefore enjoy a potluck.

I do not only love food and cooking, but I also have a passion for wine. In the wine room you will be able to find a large variety of wines which will complement your dinner nicely.

During the summer, we will mostly construct the menu out of the fruits and vegetables available from our garden. The menu will be completed with ingredients from our suppliers who are mostly located in the area or are from special places within the Netherlands, or even the world. This is not because I have to, but because I will simply only use the best ingredients available.

If you would like to dine with six or more people, we will construct a set menu for the whole group.

A menu of three pre courses with a main course costs 45 euros, which can be complemented with:
(Dutch) cheeses, 12,50 euro
Dessert, 10 euros

The food at Hotel de Lochemse Berg is also available for enjoyment of non-hotel guests. However, making a reservation is a must.

You can contact us or make a reservation by giving us a call (0573-251377) or sending us an email to . We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, except for holidays.

You can also make a reservation via Bookdinners:

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